The Brunswick Beer Collective is a podcast recorded at The Alehouse Project in Brunswick East, Melbourne.

Brought to you by the brains trust behind The City Lane, it’s 3 guys talking about the world of craft beer and other related (and not so related) topics. It’s like that show about cars that’s not really about cars, but for beer.


Jeff Chee

Jeff_BBC_profile_picJeff Chee was a recovering cider drinker who discovered craft beer in mid-2011 and has never turned back. Since he started recording his exploits via Untappd he has tried over 2,000 different beers from almost 40 different countries, trying on average over 2 new beers per day. Jeff is uncompromising in his quest for craft beer excellence and as a result maintains both a “Banned List” of venues that have slighted him (often in seemingly trivial ways) and a “Nap List” for those times when a session starts too fast.

Through his journeys through craft beer he has learned to drink any beer that is available, never to commit himself to one style and to keep an open mind (thank you JCVD) however his preferred styles are the double IPA and the Russian Imperial Stout.

Jeff is also the “Chief Beer Guy” for The City Lane where he reports on what’s what in craft beer bars and events (and the latest in American smoked meats).

Paul Kristoff

Paul_BBC_Profile_PicPaul was never the biggest beer drinker until he discovered, on his travels around Europe, that beer brewed properly could actually taste good. That was back in 2010. 5 years and over 2,000 Untappd check-ins later, it’s safe to say that Paul’s knowledge and appreciation of beer is greater than its ever been.

Open minded and always on the look out for something new, Paul’s always willing to try every beer at least once and, if it’s good enough, rate it at higher than his usual stubborn 3.5 on Untappd.

Paul is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The City Lane, where he indulges his passion for food, travel, culture & photography.

Chris Shorten

Chris ShortenChris Shorten is an editor, writer, and beer lover. He proudly claims to have attended beer festivals in 3 continents, but also claims to be unable to remember the name of any of the beers he actually drank while attending. He still has the commemorative glasses though, or at least, he has pieces of them.

He is a great lover of red ales, but when none are available, he is just as likely to be drinking a Coopers Pale Ale or, depending on the time of the evening, the cheapest beer he can find.

Chris also writes for The City Lane on serious, non-beer-related topics.