S07E03: Old Wives, New Ales

In this enormous episode, recorded at Melbourne’s fabled Carwyn Cellars, we are joined by brewers from the up-and-coming gypsy brewery, Old Wives Ales, a group of four men who are not old, not ales, and not wives. It’s a tale of houseboats, international relations, and home brewers who made it big. We also delve deep into important issues such as the lack of beer varieties in emojis, who takes responsibility for a beer recipe, and how much beer merchandise is too much (hint: there’s no such thing as too much).

Finally, we find ourselves blown away by the mysticism of a fabled ghost chilli beer, the kind that can only be consumed if you don’t plan on tasting anything else for a good while after.

Featured beers: Full Moon Black Rye IPA by Old Wives Ales and Gran Humo Negro by 40 Foot Brewing Co (Australia).

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