S07E04: The Great Australian Beer Festival (Geelong) Trek

In this loud and unintentionally music-filled episode, Chris, Paul and guest-host Ben tour the Great Australian Beer Festival in Geelong, Victoria and along the way banter with Barrow Boys Brewing about festival beers; hold a forum with 4 Pines Beer about amazing one-offs; observe with Odyssey Craft Brewing Company the glory of the craft beer culture; powwow with Pirate Life Brewing about their future (and unexpectedly cool) beers; and hustle with Hawkers Beer about their staggering growth.

We also drink beer and find ourselves with an unexpectedly large amount of background music (sorry about that).

Featured brewers: Barrow Boys Brewing, 4 Pines Beer, Odyssey Craft Brewing Company, Pirate Life Brewing, and Hawkers Beer.

Unintentional, but excellent background music: the strings and voice of Rach Brennan, the echoes of Joe Mungovan, and perhaps a slight trace of Pat Tierney.

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