S07E06: The Bright Beer Bonanza

In this special two-part collaboration episode with fellow podcasting idiots Not Two Bright (although we don’t know when part two will see appear), Chris and almost-guest-host Ben speak with James from, you guessed it, the fabled Bright Brewery. It’s an episode filled with digressions, distributions, and indiscretions, and it’s all wrapped around a warm tale involving beers named after locations, physics, and occassionally, beer styles. And tying it all together, we discuss the breweries of the high country, breweries beginning B, and breweries that collaborate, all of which are the same breweries.

We also talk the best strategies to make the most of your long weekend break by planning a visit to a lot of breweries, even if that wasn’t the intent of said break.

Featured beers: Gravity Gose by Bright Brewery and Flying Solo by Black Dog Brewery.

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