S07E12: The Foreigner Brewing Frenzy

In this noisy season-closer, we venture to Melbourne’s inner-Brunswick and to Foreigner Brewing Company, a brand-new Czech-influenced brewery that is crafting a different route through the craft-brewing scene. Amid the chaos of the working brewery running beneath the microphone, Chris, Paul and guest-host Leon talk with Peter, one of the owners, about the brewery’s humble beginnings, its Czech roots, and its potential to be associated with lyrics from the band, Foreigner.

As this is our last episode for this season, we also unwittingly tell far more terrible jokes than we normally would. Sorry about that.

We’ll be back officially in a month, but keep your ear to the ground for some potential bonus content coming in the meantime.

Featured beer: Pilsner, Wheat, Blonde IPA, and Dark Ale by Foreigner Brewing Company.

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